Sun Tzu (alternate spelling: Sun Zi), Chinese Military Leader

Sun Tzu , fl. c.500–320. B.C., name used by the unknown Chinese authors of the sophisticated treatise on philosophy, logistics, espionage, and strategy and tactics known as The Art of War. It includes many commentaries by later Chinese philosophers. The core text was probably written by one person during a time of expanding feudal conflicts, but the exact century is uncertain. Most authorities now support a date early in the Warring States period (c.453–221 B.C.). This work has deeply influenced Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese military thinking and has enjoyed growing popularity among businessmen. It stresses the unpredictability of battle, the importance of deception and surprise, the close relationship between politics and military policy, and the high costs of war. The futility of seeking hard and fast rules and the subtle paradoxes of success are major themes. The best battle, Sun Tzu says, is the battle that is won without being fought.

The Art of War still influencing today’s decision makers, in the military, politics and the civil world.

In Today’s world I imagine Sun Tzu would write a different book, a book about modern warfare. In this new book hackers are what use to be a spy . With the internet as the most important source of information, the hacker can create back-doors en install trojans to support the general with the information he steals from the enemy’s systems.

The Internet and Intranets will also be the battlegrounds for modern warfare.

With this in mind, the job of Ethical Hacker will be more important by the day.

We Should prepare our selves for The New Art of War. Ethical hackers will be the new border patrol watching the boundary’s of our civilization.

And like Sun Tzu said, A good general should know his enemy and the terrains of the battle.

The Enemy: The enemy is every one who try to get unauthorized access to our systems.

The Terrains: Al open ports and software vulnerability’s

Countermeasures: Close as much ports as possible and know what the vulnerability’s of the software are so you can patch them.

The Soldiers: Ethical Hackers en Security Specialists

Your Bron of Information: Google (learn how to use it), Hacker forums, Colleague Ethical Hackers, Books and of course this site.

And remember everything can and will be hacked.

So choose a side and prepare for THE NEW ART of WAR.

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